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Mexico is worldwide recognized for it’s culture, beautiful landscapes and historical places, gastronomy, and of course our food could not be an exception. Our typical food represents one of the best elements our country shares with the world. But also Mexico has specialized in developing products that accomplish the current requirements and tendencies of the food and beverage industry all over the world.

That is the reason why we enthusiastically want to make it accessible for any buyer to have in their hands and at their table a bit of the taste of Mexico and delight in it.

Here we proudly present to you some of the products included in our portafolio.

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  • traditional products
  • As long as mexican food has been recognized as an intangible heritage of the humanity, we had selected for you some of the best goods that mexican authentic cousine offers.

  • healthy foods and snacks
  • Mexico also offers healthy range products. Today in our country there is a large number of companies that have adapted their production or have developed new products to the taste of the population that today prefers to eat healthy.

    In Nufoz we also share with the world a selection for this segment.

  • supply for the food industry
  • Internationally Food Industry moves so fast, thus we conciously are aware that having serious suppliers who achieve all the local requirements and regullations is strategic.

    In this category Nufoz presents some of the products of companies that count with international certications and experience as suppliers for this industy.